"All healing is essentially the release from fear."
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Leah presents herself as a well-balanced and dedicated practitioner of numerous therapeutic massage techniques including cranio-sacral therapy, (the latter of which has become an opening for tremendous healing potential).

Over twenty years of practice treating individuals both as an independent therapist and cooperatively with other health care professionals, has given Leah invaluable experience of the holistic healing process.

“When I approach a client, whether it be for a soothing nurturing massage, a more specific issue or a deeper long term condition, my intention is always – to see the person in front of me as a spiritual being. When I begin there, the rest just follows easily and we have tapped into our infinite resource of healing potential.”

Leah graduated in 1989, with honors, from the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, California. The National Holistic Inst., one of the early schools to have a nationally accredited curriculum is soundly rooted in both Western and Eastern Massage techniques.

Additional training and employment was received at that time from the owner of Fuji Shiatsu in San Francisco’s Japan Town.

After successfully completing a continuing education course on Pregnancy Massage, Leah has had the pleasure of bringing welcome relief to many expectant Mothers during all stages of their pregnancy.

Leah completed several courses in Cranio-Sacral therapy and Visceral Manipulation with the John Upledger Institute and has spent the last six years devoting a good part of her practice to the study and practice of cranio-sacral therapy.

In her experience cranio-sacral therapy has been a window through which she is privileged to witness a deep and restorative healing process in the whole person.

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