Services : Couples Massage

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 Couples, Family & Friends Massage:
Receiving a relaxing, therapeutic massage with your partner can be a wonderful way to mutually unwind, slowdown and connect with each other.

This can be done in my office or the comfort of your own home. Home massages are a treat not only for couples but for parents, children or friends who are having a spa day. Who hasn’t had a relaxing massage in an office and afterwards wished they could roll off the table into their own home? Leah can bring a massage table and everything else that is needed to give a professional massage.

Birthdays, Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day can be fun holidays to plan a special day to include a massage.

Pregnancy Massage:
The body of a pregnant woman requires a lot of rest, massage therapy can assist in generating a deep relaxation. The healing power of touch makes an expectant mother feel cared for and nurtured, which can contribute enormously to her emotional state, aiding in creating a healthier environment for the baby within. Cranio-sacral therapy is also very helpful in helping a pregnant woman’s sacral area to adjust to a rapidly changing body.

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